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Yoga for Climate Action Donation to the
Good Food Institute

Good Food Institute

GFI is a nonprofit think tank and international network of organizations working to make the global food system better for the planet, people, and animals.

To meet growing global demand, meat production is estimated to nearly double by 2050. If the world is to achieve its climate, global health, food security, and biodiversity goals, making meat differently will be as essential as the global transition to renewable energy. This is why we need alternative proteins. Governments around the world are driving a renewable energy revolution, but research shows it will be impossible to meet the Paris Agreement goals without addressing the 20 percent of global emissions caused by animal agriculture.


Our work provides a rigorous foundation for advancing the fundamental scientific breakthroughs that enable alternative proteins to succeed. We analyze the industry to identify key knowledge gaps, allocate grant funding toward the highest-impact research projects, and cultivate an engaged community of scientists to forge collaborations and bolster the technical talent pipeline. We are charting a roadmap to overcome pre-competitive technical challenges through open-access research and accelerate the rate of progress across the alternative protein industry.

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How to donate at Good Food Institute

Once you click the Donate button below, you will be linked to the Good Food Institute donation page.  Here's what you do when you get there:

  1. Click on "Dedicate this donation"

  2. Enter "Yoga for Climate Action" as honoree's name

  3. Select or enter the amount you wish to donate

  4. Click "Donate" and fill in the rest to make your donation

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